Finding Your Writing Voice

It’s been a busy week (plus, I’m a little sick). Here is a post from Writings By Ender. I’ve made a lot of these mistakes, some of them I’m still working on.

This is great advice for any new writer. Also, check out his book. I haven’t read it yet, but plan to this weekend:)

Writings By Ender

Many authors are in pursuit of a unique voice when they first start writing. They are in awe of the inexhaustible ways professionals write and desire to mimic that uniqueness. There is also an equal and opposite problem affecting these beginners that is ubiquitous. Everyday we are bombarded with language from our peers, from television, from the radio, and so on, and the impact of the exposure is in our language. What we hear and experience becomes our language, for better and worse. Authors seeking a unique voice must navigate a harsh environment to get there but there is a way to learn your unique way of expression rather quickly.

Don’t Copy the Professionals

Common writing advice is to copy passages of your favorite authors and then attempt to mimic their style. There is merit to the suggestion but it can develop writers who end up being lower fidelity copies of…

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