A Whole New Look

Colleen Smith - july 13, 2018

I should probably explain why my blog has changed. If you’re one of the few who have been following me since the beginning, you might be wondering what happened to my blog’s original name: Two Minute Stories: Short stories under 500 words. 

I was struggling to come up with content for the Two Minute Short Stories, but I had plenty of other ideas to write about. But I was hesitant to change my blog then I stumbled upon my old friend The Vacilando. The phrase ‘old friend’ is perhaps too casual, but I follow his blog and discovered he was also having a crisis.

I’d been blogging for a year without finding out my true purpose behind this activity. I’d come disastrously close to quitting, but I decided to take a break instead, to ponder over the purpose of my posts. And I’ll share what I found out.


-Excerpt from a post on The Vacilando

My purpose is to entertain readers and showcase my work for prospective employers and schools. I create web content for entrepreneurs and I plan to apply to graduate schools next year for creative writing. This year I will be earning a Certificate in Journalism and a degree in Creative Writing. I also plan to attend writing conferences, symposiums, and get a short story published.

So this blog is really a portfolio of work, but my goal is to keep you entertained. I chose the words Life Travel Fiction because I’ll be posting about people I meet, my life, places I’ve seen, short stories, and all things related to fiction.

Hope you enjoy the new look and thanks for reading.

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